Plat du Jour : Mayer Hawthorne - How Do You Do (2011)

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Mayer Hawthorne moves to the majors on How Do You Do – bringing that fun, neo classic bedroom soul sound he did so well on Stones Throw with him – pretty much picking up right where Strange Arrangement left off! The Mayer Hawthorne story was a strange one from the start – white producer/DJ crafting real deal moody, sultry throwback soul under a pseudonym that gets him signed to Stones Throw. The best news, really, is that he's still doing what we loved on the Stones Throw LP and singles. Skirting throwback Motown and indie soul conventions, but winking ever so slyly at them, making strings sound scratchy, warm and well-worn, subtle horns to sooth and stir, his own vocals layered for a group-like effect. Bonus points for his use of the superstar cameo – he brings Snoop Dogg in to SING, not to serve as an obligatory rhyme cameo. Well played, Mayer Hawthorne! Includes "Get To Know You", "A Long Time", "Can't Stop" with Snoop, "Finally Falling", "Hooked", "You Called Me", "No Strings", "Dreaming", "The Walk" 








L'addition : Ne vous fiez pas à ce look 1er de la classe. Mayer Hawthorne délivre une Soul subtile derrière ses airs de Boys Band. Ce 2ème album confirme tout le bien qu'on pensait déja de lui. Créatif, techniquement bien armé et audacieux, Mayer hawthorne s' éclate et ca s'entend.

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