Plat du Jour : Rhyze - To The Top (1981)

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Chronique Dusty Groove

"An excellent album of modern soul from the early 80s -- with a smooth sweet style that should have made these guys a huge act at the time! The overall groove reminds us of some of the most successful 70s vocal groups -- especially some of the Philly groups, like The O'Jays or the Spinners after they started working in the City Of Brotherly Love -- but there's also plenty of 80s elements too, especially in the keyboards, basslines, and rhythms of the set. Yet none of these elements has the colder feel of the 80s groove generation -- and the whole thing comes across with a great sense of warmth that really matches the vocals, but still knows how to find a groove!"







L'addition : Un bon petit album de Funk pour commencer. Quand Tha Don C nous a passé le morceau "Give it up, Give me your Love" (le morceau n°2) dans l'émission, on se serait cru sur la piste de décollage de Roissy en plein mois d'Aout tant tout le monde voulait son créneau pour planer !!


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