Plat du Jour : Elegante Orchestra - It Was Too Hot in Here (2009)

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ELEGANTE is a trademark of a duo consisting of Marco Battistini and Marco Pretolani: producers, composers, musicians and arrangers. After collaborating with Montefiori Cocktail, The Good Fellas and others, the duo focuses on the Elegante Orchestra project, keen to reproduce and explore the funkiest sounds of the 70s, exploiting the help of other musicians and musical instruments to achieve this ideal. Rhythm, groove and orchestra are the key words in the project, recalling the renowned collections of the english label Kpm, and of course use of harmonizations which bring to mind the work ofPiero Piccioni and Tony De Vita, their strictly italian arrangements and film scores. First their singles and now their album are being received with enthusiasm by critics and immediately become cult objects, sold out around the world, especially in Japan, Australia and the US where the ELEGANTE are considered front runners of the new international disco-funk scene. In parallel the duo also works with electric/electronic productions, reflecting more appropriately the live-set expectations...









L'addition : Comme on le dit souvent les italiens sont là et c'est surtout vrai quand on parle Nu-Jazz. Cet excellent album de Jazz-Funk, reposant sur une technique solide, est un petit régal.


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lerou 12/04/2013 17:48

savez vous si il esrait possible de trouver l'arrangemnt du morceau"prometeus" de elegant orchestra