Plat du jour : Cymande - Promised Heights (1974)

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Chronique Dusty Groove 


Excellent dubby funk! This is possibly the greatest record ever cut by Cymande –- the legendary British group who were made up of expatriated musicians from Guyana living in London. The album's got a complicated groove that's even more compelling than the earlier albums – with a righteous mixture of heavy bass and tripped out guitars that's unlike anything else we've ever heard. Tracks include the monster funk cut "Brothers On the Slide", a jaunty sample-laden groover, plus other nice ones like "Pon De Dungle", "Changes", "Sheshamani", and "Leavert". Very weird groove, and a mixture of dub, funk, and probably lots of spliff! 











L'addition : Album majeur de ce groupe aussi fabuleux qu'universel. Cymande réveille nos instincts les plus profonds. Un trésor.


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