Plat du Jour : Ken Boothe - Everything I Own (1974)

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Chronique Freaky Trigger

“Give up my life, my heart my home” – Boothe sings this high-stakes plea like a man who’s already lost the bet: he wants to continue abasing himself, piling more and more onto his end of the scales, potlatch-style, but his lover has simply got up and walked away. ”Everything I Own” is a thoroughly dejected record, but also a pathetically lovely one, with the rising ”is there someone you know” plea at its hopeless centre. Boothe’s vocals are the deal maker or breaker here. His phrasing is impeccably precise – he knows this is the last time she’ll pay attention and he’s weighing, choosing, and forcing out every word even though they’re just carefully-placed straws to cling to. Even his consonants tremble! To be honest his nerdy neediness inspires more pity than sympathy (in other words, you can intuit why he’s got the push) but as an old school indie boy I can get down with pity too. 






L'additionPetit détour en Jamaîque avec Ken Boothe, un des maitre incontestable du Reggae Roots. Toujours en vie, Ken continue de se produire aux 4 coins du globes. Sa discographie est épaisse, très épaisse. A mi-chemin entre Reggae et Soul, il est notamment connu pour ses fabuleuses reprises. Everything I Own est un album absolument magique incluant un air defamille que vous connaissez tous mais que vous n'avez jamais entendu comme ça.

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