Plat du Jour : Dr Rubberfunk - My Life at 33 (2006)

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Chronique de Djouls (Paris Djs)

After hearing a bunch captivating mixes and remixes circulating on the web, I ended selecting the second Dr Rubberfunk album in my list of "Records I Missed" in 2006, the Dr himself stumbled upon it, contacted me and mercyfully sent me a CD so that I might die an idiot. Moreover, I now had a colorful selection of funk, soul, jazz, gospel, hip hop and/or latin tracks to play on our "rare grooves and new rare grooves" paris djs podcast! The latin-funk & jazz guitar coolness of "Baby Bossa" might for example soon appear into a new "21st Century Latin"Molesting Laura selection... meanwhile check out "Riding With The Ratman", a 21st century blaxploitation number we've picked up for tasting on a Paris DJs mix ("Bag Of Goodies vol.2"). We could only fit the first part of the track in there (30mn mixes!), which gets even grittier and heavier in the part we had to cut, but anyway, it's already well worth the ride. I think the track was released on a 7 inch, if that's the case then it's an instant "in the bag" one, so 45 DJs don't hesitate. Of course it's now a bit late to announce that the British deep funk scene is alive and kicking but Dr Rubberfunk did add a new stone to this soul-spirited scene, a smokey and kaleidoscopic one for all you heavy blunters out there.






L'additionEncore un petit bijou ! Dr Rubberfunk fait parti de nos artistes favoris depuis cette galette. Une bombe aux sonorités Funk, Electro, Jazz, Rap, etc... Terriblement bien ficelé, le tout est équilibré et varié. Un très bon moment à ne pas rater.


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